The Tiger Tribune News by the Students of Lee Vining High School

Student Profile: Andrea Santillan

By Aero Huntsman
Nov 15, 2017

Andrea Santillan has been a mystery ever since she came to this school. Quietly doing her work, Andrea is not someone whose personality is obvious to other students. She is, however, amazingly good at sports. Known for her impressive soccer abilities and hardworking attitude, Andrea is considered one of the top players in her class. Andrea loves to play volleyball, soccer, and basketball in her free time. She enjoys sports and spending time with her family. She describes her perfect day as when “in Mexico with my family and cousins, we were playing soccer in the back yard. Just my whole family together.”

While at school Andrea is hard working and dedicated. She is mindful of her actions and how they will affect her future. She thinks before she acts. When asked the generic question of what she would do with a million dollars, these qualities became evident. Andrea replied that she would use the extra money to “buy a house, go to college, get a job;” she also mentioned investing the remainder or giving it to charities. She didn’t imagine squandering the money on luxuries; she instead would use it to create a more stable future. This extraordinary foresight is rare among today’s youth. It is excellent reassurance to know that people like Andrea still exist.

In addition to her scholastic abilities, Andrea shows a creative and fun loving attitude. When presented with the simple prompt of, “A monster walks through the door” she was able to give a full description of the monster and exactly how it chased after only people who were wearing red. The monster turned out to be a furry brown with three piercing eyes and two towering horns: an amazing description to be had from such a basic question.

A little background on Andrea: she is 14 years old and lives near the Mono Inn. In her own words she describes her home in the “middle of nowhere really.” She is a very dedicated person, committing to making a brighter future for herself; her favorite class is Career Choices. Overall, she is a great addition to this school. Her skills and personality add to the environment and she constantly encourages everyone to work harder; LVHS would not be the same without Andrea.

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