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Student Profile: Sayra Galindo

By Claire DesBaillets
Oct 04, 2017

Sayra Galindo is a senior at our high school. She moved here when she was in 7th grade but then left once again for a new town during 8th grade year. She just recently returned to Lee Vining for her Junior year. On her 17th birthday on September 21st, the whole school helped decorate her desk and sang to her in the morning. I got the chance to ask Sayra some questions in order to get to know her better:

CD: Where do you live?

Sayra: I kinda live in the middle of nowhere, in the woods. Kinda near the Mono Inn.

CD: Where have you lived in the past?

Sayra: I lived in Bakersfield, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, Mexico.

CD: What is your favorite part of school?

Sayra: My favorite part of school is probably senior thesis because I’m getting into what I want to do after school.

CD: What is one of the funniest moments in your life?

Sayra: Last year we went on this field trip with Mr. Wanner for environmental science, and I was the last one to get on the SUV, and they had started the car. I had one foot in the car and Wanner started driving away, so I jumped off the car and just thought ‘they can leave without me, like they left me’ And they did leave me until they realized I wasn’t there and turned around to get me. It was horrible.

CD: Have you ever had a perfect day? If so, describe it.

Sayra: Two years ago, I was with both of my parents for my birthday and they threw me a surprise party.

CD: What’s your favorite chain restaurant? Why?

Sayra: Yessss starbucks!!!!! Because coffee is just life, you know. Coffee is just awesome!

Sayra is super fun and is a bright light in our school! I am so glad I got the chance to interview her because now I know her better as a person, and I hope, all you guys do to.

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