The Tiger Tribune News by the Students of Lee Vining High School

Student Profile: Oscar Velazquez

By Caelen McQuilkin
Nov 14, 2017

Fourteen-year-old Oscar Velazquez may seem like a typical freshman boy at first glance, but after getting to know him, it becomes clear that his life has many interesting details that make him unique. For example, not only has Oscar lived in Mammoth and Lee Vining, but he has also called West Hollywood home for two years.

Oscar’s hobbies include snowboarding, playing video games with his squad, watching YouTube, buying and shopping for clothes, and filming and editing videos. He loves snowboarding because, in his words, “it feels just like surfing,” and he dislikes skiing because “skiers are wack” (he claimed to be kidding on this, but I’m not too sure). Oscar likes to play video games with Jaden, Chuy, Aurelio, Giovanni, Chris, and other freshmen boys. On another note, Oscar also loves shopping for and buying clothes. His favorite brands and stores are Zumiez, Tilly’s, Gucci, EPTM, and Adidas, because they are popular streetwear brands. If he won a million dollars in the lottery, Oscar said he’d save a big portion to buy clothes with.

In addition to this, Oscar enjoys everything to do with YouTube, videos, editing, and that kind of thing. His favorite class is Computer Applications with Mr. Godoy because he gets to make and edit videos. According to Oscar, the best YouTuber is Logan Paul, who he once had the chance to meet. Reflecting on this, Oscar said, “He was humble, and real, not like like every other YouTuber that just fakes and acts on the videos and are so different in person.”

These good qualities also play out in Oscar himself, who is always happy to help out and is kind to everyone. The best part of school for him so far was a few weeks in when he finally started adjusting to everything, and could just go home and finish his homework without stress. “I felt good about doing it, and it would just be perfect,” he said.