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What Does LVHS Think: DACA
Feb 04, 2018

This September, when President Donald Trump attempted to repeal the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program created by President Obama in 2012, it once again landed in the news and has stayed there ever since, as bipartisan deals to pass it through Congress have flopped and culminated in a three-day government shutdown. We did a survey at LVHS to see what students' opinions are on DACA; this article also covers the basics of DACA and its future.

Our Representatives: 8th House District
Nov 12, 2017

Mono County is in Mono County's 8th District in the House of Representatives, represented by Paul Cook. Learn about the district, our representative, and how activism has changed the political makeup of the district in recent years.

What does LVHS Think: Gun Control
Nov 11, 2017

After the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, many questions are being asked about gun control, and there are renewed concerns that the United States does not have strict enough laws about not only who can get a gun, but what kinds of accessories and weapons should be legal.

Confederate Monuments - Charlottesville and Beyond
Sep 28, 2017

After an intense protest/battle in Charlottesville about the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee (pictured above), there have been calls for the removal of other such statues and other tributes to the Confederacy across the nation. A look at where Confederate monuments are, what they represent, and why (or why not) they should be taken down.