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Jack Montgomery: Mass Shootings - Is Gun Control the Answer?

By Jack Montgomery
Feb 07, 2018

Image credit: Rudy van der Veen

He woke up just like you did that morning of November 5th, made breakfast, brushed his teeth, and headed to church, bringing his gun with him, and unloaded in the middle of the service. No law stopped this man nor could have protected the many innocent churchgoers who died that day.

We live in a violent country, where many people have access to things they shouldn’t be allowed to access. No law will keep a bad man from doing horrible things, therefore if we limit guns it will keep guns out of the hands of honest men; no matter what laws are made, people will do bad things. Drugs are illegal, yet people still abuse drugs. Ban assault weapons, yet the change in death from that style weapon will not go down at all. People will always find a way to do what they want. Gun laws are in place to protect us, but no law will do any good if people intend to break the it.

Gun laws state that felons cannot own a gun. A man who served for our country’s military was indicted on charges of assaulting his wife and child. Yet months later, he was able to obtain guns. “He had served in the Air Force at a base in New Mexico but was court-martialed in 2012 on charges of assaulting his wife and child. He was sentenced to 12 months confinement and received a “bad conduct.” How does a man who assaulted his child and wife get a gun months later? This shows that laws will not stop people from getting their hands on a gun. I don’t believe this man should have ever have owned a gun after what he did to his wife and child. What this man did shows that gun laws will not stop a bad man from doing wrong. Gun laws do not save people from death.

Gun laws are out of control; throwing more and more on top will not fix anything. The first step should be to fix what we have now. Make background checks more thorough and if weapons are going to be banned give real reasons for the law. There are felons in possession of guns. You have people with terrible backgrounds getting guns in large quantities and going off and killing people, but on the other side of that you have people with no history of any mental illness no violent crimes who one day decide to unload into a crowd. The Las Vegas shooting is one of the deadliest shootings in history. The man who did it had no serious problems, no history of violent crime. He had many weapons, including thousands of rounds. I feel background checks are not good enough. This man bought over twenty guns in a matter of days with it was thousands of rounds and many attachments. Yet not a single red flag came up anywhere.

Making a weapon illegal because it has a stock that folds or collapses and pistol grip is absurd. This does not make the weapon any more lethal than it it were featureless. Since the ban on assault weapons the death rate has gone up and the number of people killed with guns in that class has hardly changed at all. We live in a very violent country - yes we have more guns than any other country in the word, and this means we have more shootings. If any of these mass shooters were informed before they killed so many innocent people that the gun they were about to use is illegal in some states or that gun laws say they can’t have a hundred round magazine, something tells me they wouldn’t mind. All gun control does is disarm law-abiding citizens. A criminal is not going to follow the rules - that is why they are criminals. A man with intentions to kill will kill, gun or no gun. If you take away people’s way to protect themselves, the man who is planning to shoot up the store down the street is going to do it freely because there is no way to stop him. “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Who would really believe that a person with intentions like this would actually follow the laws and refrain from purchasing guns?

Many people were saved in the Las Vegas shooting because the shooter used bump stocks. There is no accurate way to shoot a gun firing rounds that fast. Most rounds were shooting over the crowd into empty spaces where people have already left. Now that people want to outlaw the bump stock and semi automatic rifles, eventually this will snowball into banning all guns. The Second Amendment states we as a country can own firearms. The rules that built our country are being bent and twisted to a point to where they are not guidelines anymore, more like a distant memory. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” It shall not be “infringed.” People can own guns. I understand a ban on fully automatic weapons; there is no point on having those besides the fact that it would be fun to shoot.

There is no law that will keep a bad man from doing wrong. No gun restriction will keep people out of harm’s way when people have the intention to take life. The people who make the laws only see the bad for something like this. It is hard to see any good, unless you use guns to put food on the table, use them to enjoy a day out with the family, or make a living with guns. There is no law that will make a person with hate in their heart change, there is no law that will stop a bullet, sadly that is what it has come to. You must protect or be protected; we have felons in possession of guns, people with no history of any illness no violent crimes just going off and killing people. There is no telling who will kill and who will fight back. When you take protection away from the public then evil rises when good cannot defend itself.