The Tiger Tribune News by the Students of Lee Vining High School

Advice Column, September/October 2017

By Toni the Tiger
Oct 16, 2017

Q: With the start of school, I’m having trouble transitioning from relaxing all day to having to do school work and waking up early. Any suggestions? -A Slummed out Summer Girl

A: I’ve had this exact same problem! When I lived in Africa, I never would hibernate because of the warm climate. Always hot means always sticking around. But, now that I’m here in Lee Vining, I have to hibernate during the cold season. This transition is always hard for me because when summer starts, I am used to sleeping all day. But suddenly, I have to hunt and find meat all…the…time. I find it helps if you slowly transition into your work. Maybe spend a half hour relaxing when you get home, then start some work, then slowly start to do more and more work. You might also try getting to work sooner, but giving yourself a relaxing break after you get a few assignments completed. And don’t forget, you always have the weekends! You’ll adjust in no time.

Q: I’m scared of the seniors, but I really want them to like me. -A Fearful Freshie

A: I know it doesn’t seem like it, but the seniors are very kind people and they aren’t that mean. They give off that appearance to establish dominance, just like in the animal kingdom. Try being nice to the seniors; they want to be friends with you just as much as you want to be friends with them.

Q: My birthday is coming up, and I want people to decorate my desk but I don’t want to be too conceited. How do I tell people without actually telling people? -A Bashful Birthday Boy

A: Confidence is key. If you want people to decorate your desk, but aren’t willing to tell anyone your birthday is coming up, then don’t expect people to know what you want. They aren’t mind readers, like I am. That’s why I’m so good at advice – I know what people are thinking all the time! Anyways, don’t be scared to bring up your birthday to your friends. A reminder is always good for everyone. And I always like to think, the more reminders you give, the more it’ll stick in their brains and make them feel guilty for not decorating your desk.

Need advice? Don’t know how to ask that girl or guy you like out on a date? Dealing with too much homework? Send any questions you have into and I’ll give my best help. You are not alone.

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